'tis the season...

if that's your thing, if not than it's just cold out.
it took a while but it's finally starting to feel like winter down here, and i can't say that i really mind. it's a nice break from the heat of summer and it's not like we have to shovel snow or anything. i've always been fond of winter. there's just something about the way everything appears and the crispness in the air that's familiar and comforting.

well enough of all that,
guess it's time to play catch up.

last month was a good month-
} the Crash That Took Me were gracious enough to invite us to play they're CD release show at Sons of Herman Hall and everybody had a great time. just wanted to say thanks to them for the invite and when you get a chance check their new stuff out!
} our album turned a year old on 11/11 and the reviews (under press) are still coming in. more recently we received some very kind words from a fellow named Andee over at Aquarius Records in San Francisco. thank you so much and we can't wait to get back out there!
honestly, thanks to everyone that noticed, bought the album, told a friend, took the time to write/post a review, download, link, tweet, or whatever else the kids are doing these days. we truly appreciate the support!
} thanks to Reid & Allison for inviting us to guest host their show Sonic Assembly Power Hour on KNON 89.3fm "the voice of the people" here in Dallas. it was fun, we got to answer a few questions and play around an hours worth of music. you can hear them every tuesday night from 10-12pm.
} this past saturday we played a house party out in Denton and had a blast. by far our best experience out there! thanks to the guys in VIDEO and the River Mouth for having us and a special thanks to the birthday girl. we hope you all enjoyed it and we'll see you again in january.
} i recently found this video from when we played with Dove Hunter at Granada Theater back in september. does the past really hold a key to the future?

speaking of the future-
} the demos keep rolling. we've got an hour and 20 minutes worth of new material right now and they're still flowing! keep an ear out, we should have something to wrap your head around soon.
} while there are no immediate plans for a second full length at this time, we would love to get it going sooner then later.
} the compilations are still in the works, but that's about all i know at this point. there's also been some talks about doing a couple of split 10"s or 12"s, and those are looking promising. hopefully we'll know more about some of this stuff soon.
} while i'm on the topic of compilations i should mention the guys at Gutterth Productions just put out there 2nd comp and were kind enough to include "Sunday Driver". it's a double disc and free to download here.
} Exploding In Sound, who included "Duelist" on their 1st comp back in february is moving forward strong with the release of their 4th comp. you can download all of them for free here.
} there is an outside chance of us recording a few songs with our demo gear for a short CDR we make ourselves to sell at upcoming shows on the road. if we can pull it off there should be 3 or 4 unreleased songs, maybe a cover or remix, i don't know? we'll just have to see what happens.
} speaking of the road, we're looking at heading back out to the west coast in february/march, and if everything works out the east coast again in april/may.

not so distant future-
} back in september the Double Wide invited us to hangout for a night and play some of our favorite songs. everyone had such a good time that they invited us back to do it again and we were happy to oblige them. this tuesday dec.15th we'll be back at the bar tearing thru vinyl and polishing off bottles from 10pm-2am, so if your in or around Dallas head on over!
} our friend John over at Parade of Flesh has helped us put together a special one night only show. on dec.30th at the City Tavern in Dallas we'll be playing an extended set of the new material. it won't be all the new songs (too long), but we won't be playing anything off the s/t album. we wanted to say thank you to everyone that's been coming out to the shows all year and we thought this might be nice holiday treat. hope you enjoy!
} we'll be kicking off the year with a few shows around TX. here's how things are looking so far.


15th. Dallas, TX.
10pm. Double Wide
{{DJ for a night 2}}

30th. Dallas, TX.
9pm. City Tavern {Holiday Special}
w/ Swithblade Razors


8th. Austin, TX.
9pm. Beauty Bar
{{free week}}
w/ ISHI, & Clouds are Ghosts

15th. Dallas, TX.
9pm. Sons of Herman Hall
w/ the Paper Chase

21st. Denton, TX.
9pm. the Boiler Room
w/ the River Mouth, Smoke and Feathers, & Flashbulb Fires

30th. Dallas, TX.
10pm. Doublewide
w/ Maleveller {EP Release}, & Big Fiction

i suppose that's it for now. have fun hanging your stockings, decking the halls, and trimming everything in tinsel. as for myself, i've got a nasty little tree that's just begging to be lit up!
if you don't hear from us again before the new year, make the most out of what's left in this one, and we'll see you soon.



{{{TONIGHT:::11.24}}} :::K...N...O...N::: 89.3FM



and if you feel like getting out and about, Lee Harvey's will be broadcasting the show.
Just saying-



thanks to everyone that came out to the Double Wide last week for our DJ set. hope you all had as much fun as we did! hopefully we'll be doing it again soon. there is also some talk of a guest spot for us up on KNON, but we're still working out the details.

our show at the Amsterdam bar was a blast! neither the state fair traffic or the massive rain clouds could keep us down that night. it was our first time there, and the vibe was great! it got pretty loud playing inside, but they call it rock and roll for a reason!!

we're still in demo mode. working up some hot new riffage, rounding out the tones, and chopping up some word play. things are going smooth and the well is still full! once we get a couple wrapped up we'll figure out some way to tease some ears.

here's how the rest of the month is going-


11th. Denton, TX.
9pm. Hailey's
w/ Ringo Deathstarr (ATX),
& Manned Missiles

15th. Dallas, TX.
8pm. the Cavern
w/ Vivian Girls (NYC),
& the Uptown Bums

18th. Dallas, TX.
8pm. Double Wide
{Anniversary Party}
w/ Valient Thorr,
Early Man, & the Ramonahs

see you there!



we have a blog?

i guess the Texas heat has been working overtime on my brain. that and a minor case of the blog lazies.
we've managed to keep ourselves pretty busy over the last few months. just fighting off the heat in august down here can be a full time job!

for starters, thanks to everyone that helped out on our east coast trip! whether it was hosting a show, playing with us, buying merch, letting us crash, or just showing up. we all had a great time and truly appreciate all your help! we played with some really good bands and made a lot of new friends. if you feel like taking the time, some i would like to mention are-
Bad Dream (brooklyn,ny)
Mansion (lawrence,ks)
Fangs Out (toledo,oh)
Where the Buffalo Roamed (nc)
the Rainy Saturdays (memphis,tn)
Xpia (nashville,tn)

we would also like to say thanks to the Dallas Observer for asking us to play their annual music awards show this past july. everybody had a really good time!

last but not least of the thank yous was saved for Bruce and Julie Webb from the Webb Gallery for allowing us to be a part of the great vibes both you and your gallery transmit!

on to the new-

in the last post i mentioned our new song MoonII that we recorded for a compilation cd that was due out later this year. recently we found out it has been put on hold and as of right now we're not sure when it might come out. i don't know what that means for the song, but if the project ends up scrapped we'll find some other way to get it out!

unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be hitting the road again in 09. it hasn't been completely ruled out, but we've been booking Texas shows for october/november and would like to get into a studio before the end of the year.

we're getting ready to start another round of demos! hopefully we'll end up with 4 or 5 songs we can add to the last batch. we're just now starting to figure out what we'd like to do with them all, but we've got a pretty good idea of the direction we're going. both tonally and how we want them to be released. the first thing is putting 1 of them out on a 10" split. the details are still being worked out, but it's something that looks totally doable. after that we'll just have to wait and see.

we're just getting started!



EBD} loaded up and truckin'

T-minus 2 days and counting!
then we'll be taking off for our 1st trip out east. we're looking forward to seeing everybody along the way. it's been a little rough getting shows everywhere we wanted (see future engagements section for dates/cities we're still working on), so for now this is what we're working with.


21st. Dallas, Tx.
{{PoF Presents}}
9pm. the Cavern
w/ Ponytail
& Fight Bite

22nd. Little Rock, Ar.
9pm. Circa 76 Records
w/ the Rainy Saturdays

23rd. Memphis, Tn.
10pm. Black Lodge Video
w/ the Rainy Saturdays,
& Modern Conveniences

24th. Nashville, Tn.
9pm. Springwater Lounge
w/ the Rainy Saturdays
& Xpia

25th. Athens, Ga.
9pm. Tasty World
w/ Kill You In The Face,
& Sunset Soundtrack

26th. Charleston, Sc.
9pm. Tin Roof

27th. Chapel Hill, Nc.
{{early show}}
7pm. Mansion 462
w/ Where the Buffalo Roamed

31st. Brooklyn, Ny.
9pm. Union Pool
w/ Leaders
& Bad Dreams


1st. Cambridge, Ma.
9pm. Middle East {upstairs}
w/ the Brother Kite,
White Honey & Dead Heart Bloom

5th. New York, Ny.
{{early show}}
7pm. the Annex

6th. Pittsburgh, Pa.
9pm. 222 Ormsby
w/ Fangs Out
& Father Flamethrower

8th. Lexington, Ky.
9pm. Green Lantern

10th. Lawrence, Ks.
9pm. Replay Lounge
w/ Mansion

11th. Wichita, Ks.
{{ICT Fest}} Day 1
tba. Eagle's Lodge

12th. Dallas, Tx.
9pm. Annex House
w/ Shiny Around the Edges
& Tre Orsi

13th. Austin, Tx.
{{Austinist Presents}}
9pm. Stubb's Jr.
w/ Ringo Deathstarr
& more!

thanks to everyone for/still helping! we've got some really cool shows lined up and hope to add a few more along the way!!

.:Other Notes of Interest:.

since the last time i wrote it feels like the band has managed to stay pretty busy even though there's been a lot of "none band" stuff taking up most of our time.

}}}we played a few really great TX shows. one was at the Double Wide (dallas) with the Angelus & My Education! another was a showcase for Ultra8201 at La Zona Rosa (austin) with UME & White White Lights!! the most eventful show by far was Good Record's (dallas) 9th anniversary party. it was an all day event with over 20 bands. there was free food and beer, and our set was cut short by the DPD. thanks to everyone that helped put the day together and everybody that showed up to party! BEST TIMES!!!

}}}we drug out all the mics, cables, and recording devices, and knocked out a batch of new demos! we ended up doing 6 new songs!! good stuff!!!

}}}we took one of our new songs to a studio here in town called Klearlight and recorded it with Jay Jernigan & Jimi Bowman. the guys were cool to work with and they have a sweet little set up that suited us well. we're all really happy with the way it {Moon II} turned out and can't wait for everyone to have a listen! it was recorded for a compilation being put together by Exploding Plastic Records that's due out later this year. we'll have more info on that once we get home.

}}}we played a few songs and answered a few questions for the Dallas Observer's new blog feature/weekly wednesday night event "DC9 in Space". i think since it was the 1st time around for everyone involved it turned out pretty cool. it looks pretty great, but we didn't have everything we needed to capture good quality audio of the songs. they ended up mainly using interview footage, but we're hoping to use the song footage for something in the future! i'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

there is also a second clip available {here}. thanks to Pete Freedman and Hal Samples for inviting us to participate and hosting/recording the night! we also want to thank Jen Shu for hanging out and taking some really sweet photos!!

}}}although we didn't have a direct hand in it's creation, we have another great poster for our may 21st show at the Cavern. once again this one was provided by Sam Heimer. strangely enough a few days after we received a jpg of the poster we started hearing stories of a new flu making it's way around the world. spooky! could Sam be a doomsday prophet and not know it? further investigation may be required.

...and i think that's going to do it for now.

i'm east bound just watch ol'Bandit run,


from SXSW to SXSFlesh

well it's been 2 weeks since we left for SXSW, and just over a week that we've been home. it was a chaotic, drunken, sleep deprived good time, and i'm still remembering things with each new day on the wagon. the EndSounds pre-party was a blast! the crowd got pretty big and there was great energy all night long for the inside and outside stages. our set went smooth minus a broken guitar strap. it was short and sweet. we all had the chance to rally up with old friends we hadn't seen in a while, and meet some cool new people. Filler, the Minor Threat tribute band that closed out the night were really fun to watch and the crowd went crazy for them! over all it made for one of my favorite nights out there. thanks to J. Gill for including us in the line up!
my favorite night of the week was thursday when i got to see Earthless. they don't play in TX that often so i was stoked to be able to see them, and they did not disappoint! 60 minutes of mind numbing, face melting, gut punching, ear bashing rock n roll! i don't know about the 2 japanese guys i was ragging with down front, but i had a wicked bangover the next day! it stung a little bit to find out that J. Mascis joined them on stage the following night, but in keeping with D.H.'s philosophy i decided to k.i.p.. it also reaffirmed how every night there is something badass going on somewhere that your going to miss out on. the thing about SX is your to busy doing to worry about what your missing out on.

i saw a ton of shows and can't remember all the bands,
but the ones that stood out were-
the Bronx} seen them over a dozen times and they never get old! i actually got to see them do 2 sets and a 3rd as Mariachi El Bronx (links to old footage) which was incredible!
Young Widows} always powerfull!
Howl} blew out the electricity halfway through their first song!
Juarez} our buddies from tucson and always solid!
Annihilation Time} had never seen them before. ended up seeing them twice!
Trash Talk} on tour w/ the Bronx now.
the Roller} austin's own ax of gloom!
UME} also from austin. one of my new favorites!
Sleepy Sun} who we had the pleasure of playing with in san francisco a little over a month ago.
Scorpion Child} another austin band. they held it down several nights and always with a swagger!
Pack of Wolves} one more for austin metal!
Crystal Antlers}
the Black Lips}
Vivian Girls}
Black Cobra}
Devil & the Sea}

we ended our SX journey back home at the Parade of Flesh organized "SXSFlesh". which ended up being a lot of fun, once we got there. what normally takes us little over 3 hours to travel (austin to dallas) took just over 7. to say it was a nightmare would be an understatement, but we managed to persevere and i'm glad we did! even though we ended up missing several bands, we still caught plenty. Abe Vigoda, the Coathangers, My Disco, Women, Wavves, Thee Oh Sees, and a second helping of Young Widows! plus we got to meet and catch up with people who's paths we never crossed in austin. hats off to John I. for putting it all together!

and there you have it.

for all you vinyl junkies!

your fix is in!!
EndSounds now has vinyl copies of our album for sale online.
2 full length 12" records at 180 grams each. HEAVY!
get your copy {{{here}}}.

you can read more about the album below in the "hot rock wax" and "album credits {expended}" posts.



hot rock wax and other goodies

the vinyl is here and we are happy to say that we will have copies at our up coming shows!! we received 50 just prior to the west coast trip and have gone thru almost half of them. end sounds has yet to receive theirs, so shows will be the only place they are available for the time being.

the album is presented on double 180 gram vinyl, comes in a gatefold sleeve with inserts for each record and is printed in a matte finish.

sweet poster!

thanks to Sam Heimer for the artwork and printing! looking forward to seeing these at the show saturday. you can find out more about him on his website SamHeimer.com and checkout his cool blog on the production of this poster at bottom of the ink well.

sweet video!
our good friend justin wilson (aka- the senator) has put together a short promo video for us to use and here you have it.
thanks a ton man!!
for a larger version click here.


well we all made it back in one piece! there were a couple of close calls and an incident on interstate 8 in arizona we would like to forget about, but over all the trip was a hit and we all had a great time! thanks to everyone that helped out along the way with a show, place to stay, meal, or good time! we can't wait to get back out there!! special thanks to aaroneous, wangout, and monkeybird for everything. it meant a lot having all of you with us. the trip wouldn't have been the same without you!

we have and will be posting pictures here- WEST


let's get this show on the road!

i hope everyone is making the best out of 09 so far! we're getting ready to hit the road for a short trip out to California and back, and wanted to drop a line before we left. the kind people over at Noise Pop have invited us up to San Francisco to play their annual music festival and we've been able to add a few shows a long the way. this will be our first time out of Texas and we're all pretty exited about the shows, seeing old friends, and making new ones! the dates are as follows, if we're playing in your town come out and say hi!

feb20th. Las Vegas, Nv.
10pm. Dive Bar

feb22nd. Los Angeles, Ca.
1pm. Space 15 Twenty {{day show}}

feb25th. San Francisco, Ca.
8pm. Bottom of the Hill
{{Noise Pop Festival}}

feb26th. Oakland, Ca.
9pm. Ghost Town Gallery

feb27th. San Diego, Ca.
9pm. Kensington Club

mar1st. Tucson, Az.
6pm. the Hotel Congress

once we get home we'll be playing with Wovenhand mar7th in Dallas, NX35 music (mini)fest mar13th in Denton, and then make our way down to Austin for SXSW. we'll have more info on these shows once we get back.

in other news-

-we've forged a couple of new axes from the fires of Valhalla. Dan completed his tri-fecta of L6s' with this sweet tobacco burst finished beauty,

and we scored a killer sounding SB300 for Nico to rearrange your insides with.

what can i say, we love the old Gibsons!

-Exploding in Sound has a new FREE compilation available for download HERE, and they were gracious enough to include our track "Duelist" on it. it has 19 songs total and comes with artwork and info on each band, pretty cool! you can find out more about it at explodinginsound.com.

-keep an out for an interview we're just now finishing up with Bob Morgan over at ScenePointBlank.com, and a small feature from weshotjr.com.

-last but definitely not least,
we just got word that the VINYL is on it's way! we'll have a limited # of copies for our west coast trip and more waiting for us when we get home. i'll post all the details once we have them in hand.

to everyone who has been faithfully holding out for a copy of the album on vinyl, your days of forbearance are almost over! thank you all very much for your patience!!