NYC calling...

It's that time again,
the bags are packed and we hit the road in the morning.
we're very excited about this trip! our good friends Bad Dream {NY} (6/17-25) will be joining us for the 1st half and Mansion {KS} (7/1-10) will be helping us finish it off. we have several new songs we've been working on for the next full length and are looking forward to unleashing them live!
thanks to Brandon P. for the sweet poster!


16th. Memphis, TN.
9pm. Zinnie's
w/ the Rainy Saturdays,
& American Gods

17th. Asheville, NC.
9pm. the Boiler Room
w/ Bad Dream (NY),
& Balloon Wars

18th. Charleston, SC.
9pm. the Pour House
w/ Amandla
(Claude from Ween),
& Bad Dream

19th. Chapel Hill, NC.
9pm. Nightlight
Bad Dream, & Monsonia

20th. VA
{still looking}
w/ Bad Dream

21st. DC or Baltimore, MD.
{still looking}
w/ Bad Dream

23rd. Brooklyn, NY.
8pm. Acheron
w/ Bad Dream,
& Unstoppable Death Machines

24th. Manhattan, NY.
10pm. Uncle Mike's
w/ Bad Dream

25th. Hoboken, NJ.
9pm. the Station
w/ Bad Dream, & Kilsy

26th. Philadelphia, PA.
8pm. the Fire
w/ Restorations, Bats & Mice,
& Carved Up

27th. Pittsburgh, PA.
730pm. Modern Formations
w/ Onodrim,
& German Shepherd

29th. Toledo, OH.
9pm. Ottawa Tavern

30th. Chicago, IL.
8pm. Cobra Lounge
w/ Amandla (Claude from Ween)


1st. Lawrence, KS.
8pm. the Replay Lounge
w/ Mansion, & Black Christmas

2nd. Wichita, KS.
8pm. Xibalba
w/ Mansion, & Black Christmas

3rd. Oklahoma City, OK.
8pm. the Conservatory
w/ Mansion, & Black Christmas

8th. Dallas, TX.
9pm. Double Wide
w/ Mansion, & UME

9th. Denton, TX.
9pm. Rubber Gloves
w/ Mansion, & UME

10th. Austin, TX.
w/ Mansion


SXSW was a trip this year! too much madness to get into.

my highlights-

Quest for Fire
Fang Island
Moon Duo

big thanks to our friends in ISHI for inviting us to take part in their record release show. it was a hell of a party!

blah blah blah...
now let's rock!