West Coast II

tonight's the night.
it's been a year now since we made our 1st trip out west. Sure seems like it's been longer with everything that's happened in between. This time around we'll be playing Noise Pop Fest in S.F. again and we've got twice as many shows along the way!

We've got a grip of new tunes and chances are we'll play a couple each night, so grab a friend and find out what's been brewing in the TW cauldron!


19th. Denton, TX.
9pm. Rubber Gloves
w/ Kijoto, On After Dark,
& Oh Lewis

20th. Las Cruces, NM.
8pm. the Trainyard
w/ Rats and Birds, & Far Corners

21st. Scottsdale, AZ.
9pm. the Rogue
w/ Smokus Pokus

24th. Hollywood, CA.
9pm. Three Clubs
w/ Lantvrn

26th. Oakland, CA.
8pm. Merchant's Saloon
w/ Hellbeard

27th. San Francisco, CA.
{{{ Noise Pop 010 }}}
8pm. Cafe Du Nord
w/ P.E.E., Ovens,
& Grass Widow


2nd. Seattle, WA.
9pm. the Funhouse
w/ Bleeding Heart's Vignette,
& I Coyote

3rd. Portland, OR.
8pm. Rotture
w/ No Kind Of Rider, & Kowloon

5th. Carlsbad, CA.
8pm. Hensley's Flying Elephant
w/ Drowning Men

6th. Los Angeles, CA.
9pm. Mountain Bar
w/ Ancestors, MOAB, & Cactus Pricks

7th. Tucson, AZ.
8pm. Red Room
w/ Dead Western Plains

12th. Dallas, TX.
9pm. Doublewide
w/ TBA


16th. Austin, TX.
{{EndSounds SX PreParty}}
7pm. Red 7
w/ HOPE, Tumbledown, UME,
the Mag 7, Lower Case Brats,
Broken Gold, Saboteur,
Evolett, & the Missfits

19th. Austin, TX.
{{aQuarius Records & WFMU Showcase}}
7pm. Encore [old Spiro's]
w/ Pierced Arrows, Home Blitz, Dengue Fever,
Liturgy, Drunkdriver, Sonny & the Sunsets,
Moon Duo, Eternal Tapestry, Shit & Shine,
Todd, Speedwolf, Headdress, & Iron Man

There's a good chance we'll pick up at least 1 more show before the shenanigans begin, so check back in early march for an updated listing.

see you there,