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round 2 with the west is in the books!
we've been back a few days now, played a great show with Tre Orsi last friday at the D.wide, and will be leaving for SX later today. it was nice to be home for a little while, but honestly i've been wound up ever since we got back.
the whole trip was a blast and we can't wait to do it again! hopefully it won't take another year to make it happen.
thanks to everyone that came out. especially if you made a weekday show! we know how it is to be all cozy at home and have to get up early the next morning to go to work. thanks for showing up!!
we had a lot of fun last year, but this time ended up being pretty special. i have to say thanks to everyone that helped put the shows together. i know a few of them were close calls, but you all came through and none of the shows disappointed. plus a very special thanks to everyone that feed, facilitated, helped fund and/or provided a place to stay!

we met a lot of great people and had good times everywhere we went. i can't list them all, but here's a few in no particular order.

best times list...
the Train Yard chaos, our night with Lantvrn had such a great vibe, finally meeting aNdeee from aQuarius and laying waste to the stage in S.F. together, Oakland lemon bars, meeting J&K our gate keepers to the great northwest, blazing a path from Portland to S.F. so we could catch Saviours play and it was so worth it, exploding van windows (not ours), seeing & playing with the Drowning Men again, last but most definitely not least was our L.A.Chinatown experience with Cactus Pricks, MOAB, & Ancestors. all 3 bands are great at what they do and it was a privilege being part of the night. muchas gracias Brandon!

exciteless photos...

and if your still interested,
here's some live footage... 1 & 2


we have 3 shows and we're pretty stoked on all the line ups, so if your in Austin this week and can keep from getting distracted stop by.

16th. Austin, TX.
{{EndSounds SX PreParty}}
7pm. Red 7
.:TW set time 9:30:.
w/ HOPE, Tumbledown, UME, the Mag 7, Lower Case Brats,
Broken Gold, Saboteur, & Evolett

19th. Austin, TX.
{{aQuarius Records & WFMU Showcase}}
7pm. Encore [old Spiro's]
.:TW set time 12mid:.
w/ Pierced Arrows, Home Blitz, Dengue Fever, Liturgy, Drunkdriver, Sonny & the Sunsets, Moon Duo, Eternal Tapestry, Shit & Shine, Todd, Speedwolf, Headdress, & Iron Man

20th. Austin, TX.
{{Parade of Flesh &
Ballistic Missiles SX Party}}
1pm. Primos
.:TW set time 3pm:.
w/ Slang Chickens, Munch Munch, Juarez, Ryan Powers, the Name,
Little Girls, Grandchildren, Beach Fossils, Digital Leather,
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, DD/MM/YYYY, Hot White,
TV Ghost, Charlie & the Moonhearts, Chinese Stars, HOWL,
Fang Island, Struck by Lightning, Medio Mutante,
Quest for Fire, & Quiet Hooves

can't wait!