NYC and back again

Well we've been back to the normal for a few weeks now and have started to settle into things. Overall the trip was a real blast! We were able to return to a few spots we really enjoyed last year and got to hit some new places that proved to be just as much fun. Thanks to everyone that took part in any shape, form, or fashion. We had a great time with all our old friends and made some incredible new ones!

Playing with Bad Dream from NC to NYC was a trill! If you haven't already you really should checkout the sounds their laying down. RAW AWESOMENESS! Each night was like our own little battle of the bands and they were always obliged to keep us on our toes. We ended up playing some pretty strange places and they held it down like champs. WWMC5D became both our mantras and on a few occasions i almost felt bad for the other band/s on the bill. Once we made it to the Big Apple they were the most gracious of hosts. I love those guys, girl, and Simon, and cannot wait to make it happen again!
It was sad when we had to leave them, but a handful of shows later we found ourselves running around KS with the gang from Mansion. There was a formal syrup gauntlet thrown in Lawrence so we dueled it out all sludge style. Needless to say the show ran long and we were all victorious! They still have yet to record, but believe me when i say it will be worth the wait! It was our pleasure to bring them back to TX. Both the Double Wide & Rubber Gloves shows went off, and if you were there you know i'm talking about. Thanks to all our TX friends that made it out, and a very special thanks to UME for taking part in the weekend! Their new stuff is sounding great and it's always inspiring to see them live.

Overall our travels this year have really been blessed! It amazes me to see how far our sound has spread and that we're able to enjoy it with others all over the country. We've got a few irons in the fire at the moment and look forward to sharing more with you in the not too distant future.

...que pics.

check HERE / HERE for more.

Around the corner...

We'll be playing tonight with Dunes (LA), & Bizarro Kids at the Nightmare (Elm St. Dallas, TX). After that we take a little break (from playing live*) until September when we'll be joining our friends Sleepy Sun (SF) for a few TX dates.


2nd. Dallas, Tx.
8pm. the Nightma
w/ Dunes, & the Bizarro Kids


17th. Houston, Tx.
Orange Show Center for Visionary Arts
w/ Sleepy Sun

18th. Austin, Tx.
8pm. the Parish Room
w/ Sleepy Sun,
& Smoke and Feathers

19th. Dallas. Tx.
8pm. the Loft
w/ Sleepy Sun,
& Sundress

*If our asking yourself what's with the "(from playing live)" well i can finally say that we'll be packing all the gear up and making our way back to the incredible Echo Lab for a little fun with Matt Pence!
That's right it's time to make the next record a reality and we are very exited we'll be rejoining Matt in his labyrinth of sounds!!
We've got all the songs ready to go and are itching to get started!!!

marinade in that for a while....


NYC calling...

It's that time again,
the bags are packed and we hit the road in the morning.
we're very excited about this trip! our good friends Bad Dream {NY} (6/17-25) will be joining us for the 1st half and Mansion {KS} (7/1-10) will be helping us finish it off. we have several new songs we've been working on for the next full length and are looking forward to unleashing them live!
thanks to Brandon P. for the sweet poster!


16th. Memphis, TN.
9pm. Zinnie's
w/ the Rainy Saturdays,
& American Gods

17th. Asheville, NC.
9pm. the Boiler Room
w/ Bad Dream (NY),
& Balloon Wars

18th. Charleston, SC.
9pm. the Pour House
w/ Amandla
(Claude from Ween),
& Bad Dream

19th. Chapel Hill, NC.
9pm. Nightlight
Bad Dream, & Monsonia

20th. VA
{still looking}
w/ Bad Dream

21st. DC or Baltimore, MD.
{still looking}
w/ Bad Dream

23rd. Brooklyn, NY.
8pm. Acheron
w/ Bad Dream,
& Unstoppable Death Machines

24th. Manhattan, NY.
10pm. Uncle Mike's
w/ Bad Dream

25th. Hoboken, NJ.
9pm. the Station
w/ Bad Dream, & Kilsy

26th. Philadelphia, PA.
8pm. the Fire
w/ Restorations, Bats & Mice,
& Carved Up

27th. Pittsburgh, PA.
730pm. Modern Formations
w/ Onodrim,
& German Shepherd

29th. Toledo, OH.
9pm. Ottawa Tavern

30th. Chicago, IL.
8pm. Cobra Lounge
w/ Amandla (Claude from Ween)


1st. Lawrence, KS.
8pm. the Replay Lounge
w/ Mansion, & Black Christmas

2nd. Wichita, KS.
8pm. Xibalba
w/ Mansion, & Black Christmas

3rd. Oklahoma City, OK.
8pm. the Conservatory
w/ Mansion, & Black Christmas

8th. Dallas, TX.
9pm. Double Wide
w/ Mansion, & UME

9th. Denton, TX.
9pm. Rubber Gloves
w/ Mansion, & UME

10th. Austin, TX.
w/ Mansion


SXSW was a trip this year! too much madness to get into.

my highlights-

Quest for Fire
Fang Island
Moon Duo

big thanks to our friends in ISHI for inviting us to take part in their record release show. it was a hell of a party!

blah blah blah...
now let's rock!


West Coast.:.home.:.SXSW

round 2 with the west is in the books!
we've been back a few days now, played a great show with Tre Orsi last friday at the D.wide, and will be leaving for SX later today. it was nice to be home for a little while, but honestly i've been wound up ever since we got back.
the whole trip was a blast and we can't wait to do it again! hopefully it won't take another year to make it happen.
thanks to everyone that came out. especially if you made a weekday show! we know how it is to be all cozy at home and have to get up early the next morning to go to work. thanks for showing up!!
we had a lot of fun last year, but this time ended up being pretty special. i have to say thanks to everyone that helped put the shows together. i know a few of them were close calls, but you all came through and none of the shows disappointed. plus a very special thanks to everyone that feed, facilitated, helped fund and/or provided a place to stay!

we met a lot of great people and had good times everywhere we went. i can't list them all, but here's a few in no particular order.

best times list...
the Train Yard chaos, our night with Lantvrn had such a great vibe, finally meeting aNdeee from aQuarius and laying waste to the stage in S.F. together, Oakland lemon bars, meeting J&K our gate keepers to the great northwest, blazing a path from Portland to S.F. so we could catch Saviours play and it was so worth it, exploding van windows (not ours), seeing & playing with the Drowning Men again, last but most definitely not least was our L.A.Chinatown experience with Cactus Pricks, MOAB, & Ancestors. all 3 bands are great at what they do and it was a privilege being part of the night. muchas gracias Brandon!

exciteless photos...

and if your still interested,
here's some live footage... 1 & 2


we have 3 shows and we're pretty stoked on all the line ups, so if your in Austin this week and can keep from getting distracted stop by.

16th. Austin, TX.
{{EndSounds SX PreParty}}
7pm. Red 7
.:TW set time 9:30:.
w/ HOPE, Tumbledown, UME, the Mag 7, Lower Case Brats,
Broken Gold, Saboteur, & Evolett

19th. Austin, TX.
{{aQuarius Records & WFMU Showcase}}
7pm. Encore [old Spiro's]
.:TW set time 12mid:.
w/ Pierced Arrows, Home Blitz, Dengue Fever, Liturgy, Drunkdriver, Sonny & the Sunsets, Moon Duo, Eternal Tapestry, Shit & Shine, Todd, Speedwolf, Headdress, & Iron Man

20th. Austin, TX.
{{Parade of Flesh &
Ballistic Missiles SX Party}}
1pm. Primos
.:TW set time 3pm:.
w/ Slang Chickens, Munch Munch, Juarez, Ryan Powers, the Name,
Little Girls, Grandchildren, Beach Fossils, Digital Leather,
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, DD/MM/YYYY, Hot White,
TV Ghost, Charlie & the Moonhearts, Chinese Stars, HOWL,
Fang Island, Struck by Lightning, Medio Mutante,
Quest for Fire, & Quiet Hooves

can't wait!


West Coast II

tonight's the night.
it's been a year now since we made our 1st trip out west. Sure seems like it's been longer with everything that's happened in between. This time around we'll be playing Noise Pop Fest in S.F. again and we've got twice as many shows along the way!

We've got a grip of new tunes and chances are we'll play a couple each night, so grab a friend and find out what's been brewing in the TW cauldron!


19th. Denton, TX.
9pm. Rubber Gloves
w/ Kijoto, On After Dark,
& Oh Lewis

20th. Las Cruces, NM.
8pm. the Trainyard
w/ Rats and Birds, & Far Corners

21st. Scottsdale, AZ.
9pm. the Rogue
w/ Smokus Pokus

24th. Hollywood, CA.
9pm. Three Clubs
w/ Lantvrn

26th. Oakland, CA.
8pm. Merchant's Saloon
w/ Hellbeard

27th. San Francisco, CA.
{{{ Noise Pop 010 }}}
8pm. Cafe Du Nord
w/ P.E.E., Ovens,
& Grass Widow


2nd. Seattle, WA.
9pm. the Funhouse
w/ Bleeding Heart's Vignette,
& I Coyote

3rd. Portland, OR.
8pm. Rotture
w/ No Kind Of Rider, & Kowloon

5th. Carlsbad, CA.
8pm. Hensley's Flying Elephant
w/ Drowning Men

6th. Los Angeles, CA.
9pm. Mountain Bar
w/ Ancestors, MOAB, & Cactus Pricks

7th. Tucson, AZ.
8pm. Red Room
w/ Dead Western Plains

12th. Dallas, TX.
9pm. Doublewide
w/ TBA


16th. Austin, TX.
{{EndSounds SX PreParty}}
7pm. Red 7
w/ HOPE, Tumbledown, UME,
the Mag 7, Lower Case Brats,
Broken Gold, Saboteur,
Evolett, & the Missfits

19th. Austin, TX.
{{aQuarius Records & WFMU Showcase}}
7pm. Encore [old Spiro's]
w/ Pierced Arrows, Home Blitz, Dengue Fever,
Liturgy, Drunkdriver, Sonny & the Sunsets,
Moon Duo, Eternal Tapestry, Shit & Shine,
Todd, Speedwolf, Headdress, & Iron Man

There's a good chance we'll pick up at least 1 more show before the shenanigans begin, so check back in early march for an updated listing.

see you there,



i know this has been online for a few weeks now, but i wanted to post it here with a little more about the guy who made it and how it came to be.
if you've already seen the video then you know it's a first for us and was put together by the clever eye of one Mats Ek.
Mats lives on Gotland Island in Visby Sweden, does work for an ad agency, seems to enjoy tattoos and skateboarding amongst the other fine things in life, and is working on his masters in video and 3D at Gotland University.
he first contacted us some months back and said he really enjoyed the album. eventually he turned us onto some of his photography and we slowly started bouncing ideas back and forth. the band tried to come up with some key elements that he could work with over there like the shovel, letter, girl, big sky, macro shots, etc. i think his original idea was a bit different, but he did mention the snow season was about to start in a couple of weeks and had a pretty solid layout in his head. all of us agreed on the style and that a thinner story line would give Mats more room to play around visually. i found a handful of photos from various vacation enthusiasts on the web and he recognized a few of the spots. we bounced one or two more emails to nail down a few details and days later he sent us some test shots.

we made a few minor adjustments and went for it. he and Simone spent a few days shooting. then he started cutting it up. it all happened between christmas and new years. we saw a few stills from the shoot and they looked great, but when he sent the link for the finished video i think we were all a little blown away! after i wrote him about how much we loved it i asked him a few question.
} he tries not to think too much when he's shooting.
} likes to listen to the music before filming and let the visuals play out in his mind.
} it was very cold, but they stayed warm and Simone was a trooper. she really enjoyed being involved.
} he has a serious passion for merging audio with imagery and is open to working with most anyone that is interested.
} amongst other up coming projects he would like to make his way to the states to follow up on a few leads and possibly work on another video for us. of course with endeavors such as these finances always play a roll and times are tough on both sides of the world.
anyone interested in helping make this happen, or if you have questions about your own projects can contact Mats via his method of choice.
{{ mats.o.ek@gmail.com }}

you can also find him here-
he's also working on his own recording project. there's not any music up yet, but when there is you'll be able to listen here-

i would just like to say thank you to Mats and Simone one more time for their hard work and providing us with such an incredible video! we're looking forward to the next one!

...in other news
we're starting to post dates on the site for our next trip out west. in order to raise a little gas money we'll be playing a lot of TX shows leading up to our departure in late february.
see you there,