Recapitulation {goodbye 08.:.hello 09}

it's been a good year and a great start for the band. we've put together some album reviews, playlist/podcasts that were kind enough to include us, and links to some of the bands we had the pleasure of playing with for anyone that's interested in those sorts of things.


"True Widow crafts a record so subtle in its arrangement and melodies that listeners do not immediately realize just how catchy it is." -ScenePointBlank

"Hauntingly beautiful and brutal, but never unmelodic, the Matt Pence-produced True Widow is a debut of rare sonic depth and magnitude." -Dallas Observer 2008 Top 20 Local Albums {#9}

"Late in the game and without warning"..."distills the best of the past three decades into one patient, ageless, and accessible rock refresher. Possibly the best rock Texas has offered since Bedhead" -Crawdaddy 2008 Top 10 {#1}

"It’s a rare delight to hear such a record - one that draws you in from start to finish - but this is just that. For a trio, they sound massive." -Issue Oriented

"Long a fan of the genre, I’ve listened to plenty of bands like this that weren’t worth my time to know that True Widow offer something more" -Tangzine

"Dallas' own True Widow has, well, basically come out of nowhere in the past couple months to fill the surprisingly heavy void within the city's scene--and fill it quite capably, thanks."..."This is a heavy, slow-moving, and, at times, crushingly brutal record." -Dallas Observer

"On occasion I’m left blown away...this happened recently with the band True Widow" -Pasta Primavera

D Magazine 2008 Top 10 Texas Albums {#1}


Dreaming In Stereo "playlist Nov.23"

NF.Mix Ep7 "Moments In Life"

East Village Radio "17 Dots #11"

Human Pleasure "playlist Nov.24"

Burning World "Pod Fodder Vol.15"

The Tripwire Podcast #42


KFLI- Prescott AZ } WSIN- New Haven CT } XTSR- Towson MD } WXLV- Schnecksville PA } WUPX- Marquette MI } WMLU- Farmville VA } WMSR- Oxford OH } KZSU- Stanford CA } WAWL- Chattanooga TN } WBWC- Berea OH } KSLU2- Hammond LA } KWTS- Canyon TX } WVOF- Fairfield CT } WNTE- Mansfield PA } WDWN- Auburn NY } WSYC- Shippensburg PA } WGLS- Glassboro NJ } WSBF- Clemson SC } CHMR- St. John's NF } KVCU- Boulder CO } KHSU- Arcata CA } WRSU- New Brunswick NJ } WONC- Naperville IL } WLOY- Baltimore MD } WGMU- Fairfax VA } KBSU- Boise ID } KWUR- St. Louis MO }


the Black Angels, Saviours, Via Audio, Parts & Labor, the Dead Trees, Little Joy, Unwed Sailor, Brothers & Sisters, Blood of the Sun, Rosewood Thieves, Tumbledown, Burning Brides, The Mag 7, Saboteur, the Crash That Took Me, Romp Almighty, Cocky Americans, Hello Lover, the Laughing.

thanks to everyone that helped us out along the way. have a great new year's eve and we look forward to seeing you all in 2009!



Vomitorium Collective Art Concern

the gang over at vomitorium was kind enough to use one of our songs to back their new video. give it a view and see what they go through to get each issue of their zine together!

thanks to brice baum for asking us to be part of this and judd myers for the filming and editing. you can find out more about what they're up to on their blog and myspace.