NYC and back again

Well we've been back to the normal for a few weeks now and have started to settle into things. Overall the trip was a real blast! We were able to return to a few spots we really enjoyed last year and got to hit some new places that proved to be just as much fun. Thanks to everyone that took part in any shape, form, or fashion. We had a great time with all our old friends and made some incredible new ones!

Playing with Bad Dream from NC to NYC was a trill! If you haven't already you really should checkout the sounds their laying down. RAW AWESOMENESS! Each night was like our own little battle of the bands and they were always obliged to keep us on our toes. We ended up playing some pretty strange places and they held it down like champs. WWMC5D became both our mantras and on a few occasions i almost felt bad for the other band/s on the bill. Once we made it to the Big Apple they were the most gracious of hosts. I love those guys, girl, and Simon, and cannot wait to make it happen again!
It was sad when we had to leave them, but a handful of shows later we found ourselves running around KS with the gang from Mansion. There was a formal syrup gauntlet thrown in Lawrence so we dueled it out all sludge style. Needless to say the show ran long and we were all victorious! They still have yet to record, but believe me when i say it will be worth the wait! It was our pleasure to bring them back to TX. Both the Double Wide & Rubber Gloves shows went off, and if you were there you know i'm talking about. Thanks to all our TX friends that made it out, and a very special thanks to UME for taking part in the weekend! Their new stuff is sounding great and it's always inspiring to see them live.

Overall our travels this year have really been blessed! It amazes me to see how far our sound has spread and that we're able to enjoy it with others all over the country. We've got a few irons in the fire at the moment and look forward to sharing more with you in the not too distant future.

...que pics.

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Around the corner...

We'll be playing tonight with Dunes (LA), & Bizarro Kids at the Nightmare (Elm St. Dallas, TX). After that we take a little break (from playing live*) until September when we'll be joining our friends Sleepy Sun (SF) for a few TX dates.


2nd. Dallas, Tx.
8pm. the Nightma
w/ Dunes, & the Bizarro Kids


17th. Houston, Tx.
Orange Show Center for Visionary Arts
w/ Sleepy Sun

18th. Austin, Tx.
8pm. the Parish Room
w/ Sleepy Sun,
& Smoke and Feathers

19th. Dallas. Tx.
8pm. the Loft
w/ Sleepy Sun,
& Sundress

*If our asking yourself what's with the "(from playing live)" well i can finally say that we'll be packing all the gear up and making our way back to the incredible Echo Lab for a little fun with Matt Pence!
That's right it's time to make the next record a reality and we are very exited we'll be rejoining Matt in his labyrinth of sounds!!
We've got all the songs ready to go and are itching to get started!!!

marinade in that for a while....