album credits {expanded}

thank you to everyone that had a hand in helping us make this record happen. we've pulled a little information together below, in case anyone would like to take a minute and find out more about those involved.

COVER: oil on canvas: by Daniel Albrigo.
a tattoo artist currently living and working in New York City. he spends a majority of his free time painting and works with several different mediums.

RECORDING: by Matt Pence at the Echo Lab.
he has an incredible ear and was really great to work with in the studio. when he's not recording for others he's playing drums for the bands Centro-matic and South San Gabriel, or scratching his itchy trigger finger with a camera.

PATTERNS: by Lance Patterson.
An instructor I had at North Bennet Street School. He is the finest craftsman I have ever known. A true natural. Aside from furniture making, he plays the violin, the saw and the piano, and makes these amazing drawings. They are all about 18" x 18", done with a pen and a straight edge (there are no curved lines) . He just sits down and goes at it. To see them in person is really the only way to truly appreciate the skill involved. Most of the drawings he has were done in the 1970s. Lance is one of the most interesting people I have met in my entire life.
- D.:H:.

BAND PHOTO: by Steven Visneau.
aside from having a great photo-eye, he is an awesome drummer that has played in numerous bands including Slowride. he's also a very proud papa.

True Widow LETTERING: by Tony Hundahl.
i don't know where to start with this guy! he's a really good friend and tattooer who lives in Austin, TX. and works his craft at Rock of Ages Tattoo.

INTERIOR PHOTOS: by D.H. Phillips.
for as long as i've know dan he's continually impressed me with his take on the world around us and the different ways he expresses those views and observations for others to experience. whether it's song writing or sounds, a canvas, wall or piece of paper, film, food, or a joke, i can always count on him to make it interesting. oh, and he's pretty handy with a moulding plane as well!

RELEASED: by End Sounds.
last but not least, many thanks go out to Jonathan Gill (aka. J.Gilbert, Jgill, smiley) for believing in the sound and trusting in the songs!



free download from last.fm

we recently set up a profile on last.fm and are now offering a track you won't find on the album as a free download! the song is called "I.N.O." and was recorded with the rest of the songs at the demo stage, but we were not able to redo it for the album. we also placed "Old Love" on the demonstration playlist because we really like both of these songs and think they sound pretty cool the way they are.

on the playlist for the debut album there are 2 additional songs not found on myspace, "Flat Black" and "Corpse Master".