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Better late than never I suppose...

The shows this past September turned out incredible. Thank you to everyone that was involved in any way! Chelsea Wolfe and her bandmates were most gracious hosts, and even though it was our longest tour to date they helped make the time flhigh.

We'll be in Austin this weekend for FunFunFunFest and have shows friday, saturday, and sunday. 

The guys over at Shirt Killer have been kind enough to add us to their roster of bands. 
I have several shirts from them and they make good stuff! 
You can find the stuff here - TW:SK 

...keep an eye out for new designs in our store as well. TW:BC
please keep in mind I do all the printing and shipping myself so if we're on the road it will take some time to get your order out. 

*a note to our friends over the pond
we'll be spending most of December supporting Kurt Vile and the Violators over there.
it's safe to say we're all looking forward to getting back. Dates will be posted on here shortly. see ya'll soon!


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  1. Anonymous22.11.13

    I really wish that you would come to San Antonio. I mean, seriously!