21,766 kilometers (revised)

We leave for Europe in about 12 hours!
This will obviously be the farthest trip from Texas we've taken but we'll be placing some pretty serious kilomilage up as well.
We're all excited to get back to playing music, taking in some foreign sights, and making new friends.
Below is the most up to date info we have.


6th. Tilburg, NI.

7th. Brussels, BE.
>AB Club

8th. Diksmuide, BE.
9th. Leeds, UK.
>the Well
10th. Glasgow, UK.
Captain's Rest
***Note- the Manchester show (Oct 11) has been canceled.
the listing below for Sowerby Bridge is correct.***   

11th. Sowerby Bridge, UK.
>the Puzzle Hall

12th. London, UK.
>the Macbeth

13th. Antwerp, BE.

14th. Schorndorf, DE.

15th. Utrecht, NI.

16th. Copenhagen, DK.
>KB 18

17th. Hamburg, DE.

18th. Berlin, DE.

19th. Munich, DE.
>Sunny Red

20th. Vienna, AT.

Our new E.P. comes out today and we hope everyone that's enjoyed our stuff so far has a goodtime with it! I.N.O. is one of the first song we recorded as a band. We did it where we practice and on our own recording gear. We got a chance to play around with several ideas on that song and i think it stands as a nice bridge to show where we've come since the beginning. It's strange to be saying this for a second time this year, but we'd really like to thank Kemado for putting this out! We never expected to get I.N.O. on wax but we're stoked we did! 

We'll see everybody down south just as soon as we get home. Once we start to run wild with Boris!


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