audio snippets & CDs

let me just say up front that i'm not a big fan of the audio snippet. i find them to be frustrating and usually misleading. that being said, amazon has listed our album for pre-sale and you can check it out here if you feel inclined to do so. there's a short description, cover art, track listing, and yes even some of those pesky snippets to tease your ears.

we received our 1st batch of CDs this week. after looking at and listening to all the pieces for the last few months, it's pretty cool to have it all put together! we will have them available at up coming shows as well as the new shirt designs, so come see our set and pick up a few things before you leave.

just a heads up-
we're gathering some additional information for everyone that had a hand in the making of the album, and will be posting it here in the next few of weeks.


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